Business Coaching

You may be eligible for full or part funding of your coaching programme through the Leadership & Management grant. Contact us to find out if you are eligible.

The need for effective leadership is just as vital to smaller organisations as it is to large corporate businesses.

You are leading your organisation or team whether you realise it or not. Your team no matter what its size is taking its cue from how you behave, what you prioritise, what choices you make. Or perhaps you run a micro business and don’t have a team? What about your suppliers and clients? The degree to which you consciously lead those relationships has an impact on how successful your business is.

Our argument is why not lead more effectively and with your business goals in mind. With greater awareness comes more flexibility and choice about how you deal with people, take your business forward and realise greater success.

Our coaching programme offers an opportunity to consider how your leadership influences your business and to identify how you help and how you get in the way.