Coaching for Breakthrough

There are times in life when we feel stuck. What has led us to our success to date no longer seems to work. We need to find new and different ways of operating. Breakthrough coaching offers this opportunity.

This is a coaching process specifically designed for leaders and individuals who are ready to take a fast track to exceptional performance. This is an intensive process based on the latest research on how the mind works and is most beneficial to individuals who are already successful and recognise they are holding themselves back.

The first stage in the process is clarifying the internal blocks and agreeing goals for change. Stage two is deeper exploration about the precise nature of those barriers. Then using a number of techniques we clear the original blocks and help you identify new choices. Finally we confirm and define outcomes and goals. The whole process takes only three meetings of four hours. There then follows a 30 day consolidation period which is simply about reinforcing the changes so that they become habitual.