Leadership Coaching

We all want to make a difference in the world. We want success for ourselves and our organisations. Our ability to lead is fundamental to achieving that.

To be an effective leader you need to know how to lead yourself - if you can lead yourself, you can lead others. Becoming clear about your style of leadership is a key part of the process we take you through - we call our approach personal leadership. We work with who you are, we do not present you with a model of ideal leadership that you then need to try and match or fit into. Rather we recognise, and help you to recognise the power of your own individuality and help you to realise and develop that uniqueness.

We spend time understanding your organisation and your priorities so that our coaching not only supports your development it supports you developing your team, colleagues and business. We offer a high level of individual focus on your business and help you work on and learn from the real leadership challenges you must address every day.

We are committed to helping organisations realise their leadership potential. We assume our clients are already successful and we offer the time, space and support to build on their achievements.

Our processes are unique to each client and come from a sound theoretical base, a commitment to our own development and highly skilled facilitation. We are open and honest and develop client relationships built on trust. This results in real sustained change and the potential for significant breakthroughs.

Leadership Coaching - our one to one coaching programme recommends a minimum of six sessions. We start the process with a structured interview that enables us to clarify what your development needs are. We also agree specific and measurable outcomes with you so that you are clear what you want from the coaching. We use our experience and training to find the best way for you to achieve your goals. We review progress throughout the programme.

Personal Leadership Programme© is a unique and powerful residential programme that combines the value of peer group learning with a high level of one to one support. This programme has a core structure which is tailored to ensure optimum success for each participant. In a corporate setting, this programme is a powerful tool for change at senior levels which directly impacts business development and growth.

The programme structure has three elements:

Step 1, The Preparation

Individual sessions to focus individuals on their personal outcomes, inform the tailoring in support of business goals and start to develop a relationship with the coaches.

Step 2, The work

Residential workshop where individuals have an opportunity to make significant changes to their leadership. In addition the group serves as a learning forum with the focus on team leadership and effective working relationships.

Step 3, The Follow up

This takes the focus back onto the individual with an opportunity for one to one coaching on key areas and additional development. It is also an opportunity to review and consolidate changes made during the residential workshop.

Having experienced this programme we find that helpful working relationships will form with peers. Building on that we set up Coaching Partners from within the group to offer each other on-going support particularly in acting on outcomes from the programme.