Our Results

The programme enabled me to deal more assertively with a client CEO and as a result he agreed to invest an extra £500K in a £1.5M project. It made me realise if I don't believe in myself no one else will. As a leader I feel I am changing, I have more personal confidence and I am taking more time out to understand where others are coming from.
Partner, Ernst & Young

The coaching has helped me recognise the root cause of issues. Learning and improvement doesn't have to come from external resources, it can be found internally. I feel more confident and am more direct, I take more responsibility to get what I want and don't just expect it to happen.
Senior Manager, Colt Telecom

I didn't know what to expect from the one to one sessions and was sceptical and unclear to start. However I found the process very powerful. Philomena's facilitation was excellent: I was led through the different stages with sensitivity and at the right pace. I feel more positive about what I'm currently doing and am able to have a better relationship with my boss. He recently remarked on the difference.
Operations Director, Prudential

I just felt so much more confident after the programme. By just being myself rather than trying to sell, I sold £70K of business within two weeks of the programme. More people are coming to me for advice, particularly peers, I think I'm more approachable, I'm being less competitive and there is more co-operation.
Director, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

There has been another reorganisation since the programme but I am responding differently, less knee-jerk responses. I haven't automatically attacked. The programme has helped me depersonalise what is happening so that I can deal with it more rationally and be more honest about how I feel. Even though there's been a lot happening I have felt more in control.
Senior Manager, MCI

Philomena has great skill as a coach and drew things out of me that I think I have never articulated to anyone before. She was challenging but in an incredibly supportive way and she helped me think through strategies to deal with the situations I described. This is a process that more people should use and choose to invest the time and energy in, the results were very powerful for me.
Strategic Director, Housing Renewal