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Decision time – Even when you look at the pros and cons you can still feel stuck on a decision. This tool can give you what you need to move forward.

Map of Experience – self awareness is key to becoming successful. This model offer insight into how we process our experience.

Outcomes Framework – we are often clearer about what we don’t want and less sure of what we do want. This simple framework helps you get clearer. If you know what you want you have a greater chance of getting there.

True Leadership – we are at our most powerful when we are being true to ourselves. Here are some strategies to help you achieve that.

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Arrangement in the Mind
Becoming more congruent
Belbin Team Role
Change model
Consequence model
Developing Rapport
Feedback guidelines
Futures framework
How to get more balance in your life.
Increase your personal awareness
Johari Window
Levels of change
Life/work balance questionnaire
Naming Feelings
SWOT Template
Task/Process Model
Values Elicitation process
Wheel of life


Dreaming entrepreneurs – how do you stop yourself having all that you dream of, this article offers some answers and solutions.

Experiential learning – as children this is how we learn, as adults its essential we continue to do so.

Leading emotions – who’s in charge? You are and that includes your emotions!

Outstanding leadership (Inside Housing) – what makes an outstanding leader?

Quick stress management – a quick technique to help you refocus and relax.

The why of the why - values and beliefs – it is our values and beliefs that drive our choices, knowing and understanding that process can open you up to other possibilities.